Ag Sciences at a Glance

Think you know Ag Sciences? Our excellence in dairy and animal science, food safety, and landscape contracting is legendary, but we're also training the next generation of scientists, business leaders, and civic and community leaders.

Academics and Scholarships

Penn State offers the only comprehensive educational program in agricultural sciences in Pennsylvania. We're ranked among the top ten programs in the world. We're also a national leader in agricultural research, offering more than $80,000 of support for undergraduate research.

Our college is a place for you to learn and grow among the best. A place where your choices can make a difference in the world—now and into the future. You can choose from a variety of majors and minors with more than 650 different courses. You'll find incredible opportunities in an active learning environment.

Our students want to be scientists, engineers, financial analysts, educators, vets, landscape contractors, animal production managers, and plant producers. What holds them together? A love of discovery, a love of the outdoors, and a love of doing something that's real.

We invite you to visit our site and come to campus too. We may have something for you—including approximately $2 million in scholarships!

Our Professors

Our faculty is committed to developing the next generation of colleagues and leaders through the integration of a wide range of academic experiences in and out of the classroom. With one faculty member for every 16 students, we provide individual attention. We'll challenge you to engage in internships, research projects, competition and international travel. We'll demand your academic preparation is nothing short of exceptional!


When you select Penn State, you'll be getting choices. This is your time to try on new things. At Penn State, you'll form a network of friends that will carry through your adult life. And whether you apply for a job in California or Pennsylvania, you can count on the boss recognizing the Penn State name and being impressed.


Ag Sciences has a small college atmosphere with 3,000 students. 50 percent of our students are female.

You'll make plenty of friends in the college. Whether you come from Philadelphia, New York, Washington, D.C., or a small town, this is your chance to meet the world. Many students from other countries make our college their home. So don't assume you won't fit in if you've never visited a farm.