Dairy Expo 2012

My heifer, June, and I compete in Penn State Dairy Expo 2012.

At the crack of dawn, with the sky still dark, I began my morning prepping at the Penn State Dairy Barns for the 2012 Dairy Expo. My dairy heifer, June, looked confused to see me there so early, and hesitantly got up to greet me. My show prep included a pre-dawn bath, followed by clipping and primping- hair dyer, hairspray and all!

Our month of practice together was a challenging one. June was not the easiest heifer to halter train, and many afternoons were spent arguing back and forth as to who was physically stronger or had more emotional stamina. Most days June would win, and with defeat, I would just tell myself that progress in training her was slow.

I wish I could say the show day proved a different experience, but as expected, my defiant heifer posed a handful. Complete with rambunctious leaps through the air, June put on a show for the crowd. As a year-old heifer, I think I was dealing with the rebellious teenager! We placed 2nd and Reserve Champion in fitting and 4th in showmanship for my intermediate division, but more than that, had a great time along the way.