Buggin' Out

This weekend, Jess and I attended the Great Insect Fair in the Bryce Jordan Center.

This weekend, Jess and I worked an Ag Sciences' stand at the Great Insect Fair, held in the Bryce Jordan Center. The annual event is a fun way to help people of all ages appreciate a rather abundant crowd in the animal kingdom. From face painting for kids to honey tasting, there really was something for everyone.

While I was at the Great Insect Fair, I found a new love by the name of Samantha. She’s a Madagascar hissing cockroach I bought there who affectionately cuddles my thumb while I read or lounge around the apartment. Small pets for purchase were just one of many awesome diversions at the fair.

Don’t even get me started on the food! They had hot dogs, popcorn, pretzels, and of course, bugs. While I didn’t have a particular appetite, my inner three-year-old got the best of me and I dove into the bug buffet. Chocolate crickets, moth larvae on tortilla chips, and mealworm sushi (my favorite) were all available for consumption. No complaints here!

Whether you’re a bug lover or hater, this fair is well worth your time. Check out our pics!