Senior Bucket List

Posted: November 22, 2013

Find out what one senior plans to do before graduation.
Howard Rupert from Ag Admin and I hang out on top of Beaver Stadium. One less item for the list!

Howard Rupert from Ag Admin and I hang out on top of Beaver Stadium. One less item for the list!

Maybe most of this is just wishful thinking, but shoot for the moon, right? Hopefully I won't be kicking the bucket any time soon, but for lack of a better word, without further ado, here is my senior year bucket list.


  • Climb Old Main’s Bell Tower
  • SPRINT up Mt. Nittany
  • Ski Down Tussey Mountain
  • High-five the Nittany Lion himself
  • Enter the steam tunnels
  • Hit up every bar in town at some point
  • Get in the “S” Zone at a football game
  • Play Frisbee, guitar, and hacky sack outside like in a college ad
  • Feed a squirrel
  • Get a squirrel to climb on me
  • Acquire phobia of squirrels
  • Take a photo with the bronze pig statues downtown
  • Perform my music at least once
  • Have at least one restaurant know me on a first-name basis
  • No-Shave November (under way)
  • Ballroom dance night at the HUB
  • Memorize a map of State College
  • Watch a sunset from the Arboretum
  • White Building Hot Tub Fridays (not a “bucket” list item, but equally important)
  • Meet someone in every major
  • Observe the Willard preacher for at least 15 minutes
  • Invite a total stranger to a party
  • Get a photo with Old Coaly’s skeleton
  • Listen to a street performer
  • Read a book
  • Get lost in the library stacks
  • Find out where the trails north of campus go
  • Enter the mushroom research building
  • Win an auction at the salvage warehouse
  • Succeed at the cinnamon challenge
  • Eat at one restaurant of each ethnicity available
  • Watch an on-campus demonstration
  • Capture a photo of the Ag Hill feral cat
  • Graduate
  • Watch a play in Eisenhower Auditorium, just for fun
  • Buy two ice creams at the Creamery, then mix them
  • Buy something new from the Farmer’s Market
  • Throw a costume party AFTER Halloween
  • People watch on a bench between classes
  • Get a henna tattoo and fake earring, then convince Mom they’re real
  • See a movie with both of my sisters
  • Take another art class
  • Get the CATA bus to sing Toto’s “Africa”
  • Go caving
  • Get onto a roof on campus
  • Find exactly where the center of Pennsylvania is (it’s around Old Main lawn)
  • Plant an acorn from the Arboretum