EARTH House: OUR House

Posted: February 7, 2013

Here's a glimpse of an awesome student housing option our college offers: EARTH House.

Ever heard of living in environmentally conscious luxury? Penn State’s got it, with EARTH House, a living option for students interested in the environment and agriculture. It’s in North Halls, which in my opinion are the nicest dorms on campus. What separates EARTH House from the other dorms there however, are the community-building and ag science aspects.

Students living in EARTH House are offered multiple social events over the year, including a Super Bowl party, tailgating, ice skating, pumpkin carving, and the Ag Hill Olympics. The EARTH house students travel pretty frequently too: they clean up Shaver’s Creek, visit big agricultural events like Farm Show, and go on hikes! They have laid-back weekly dinner meetings over the semester and bi-monthly business meetings to keep students up to date on what special activities are going on, such as speakers and service projects.

Speaking of service, the students in EARTH House are very much involved in THON and American Red Cross blood drives, and even bake cookies to show staff their appreciation, to name a few. They have one of the best student housing recycling programs in the nation and are currently working toward a goal of zero waste! With baskets for almost every type of recyclable and compost literally outside students’ rooms, I have not seen a more convenient or comprehensive means of minimizing trash.

While I enjoyed living my freshman and sophomore years in East Halls and Pollock respectively, I couldn’t stress enough how nice these rooms are. If you were to imagine the hip, ideal college bedroom you see in movies and advertisements, EARTH House is it. (I should also mention the presence of air conditioning.) The Warnock dining commons is great too--a great variety of healthy food. I used to trek over there for the “World Beat,” which offers some kind of international food every day, as well as their grill, which has crab cakes some Fridays. The only downside I could think of is that other students will be pretty jealous of you for getting to live there.

A fellow Ag Advocate and friend of mine, Sam Mohr, had a few words to say about this housing option: “One of my favorite things about EARTH House is the people. When you live here, you're living in a community of people with which you share commonalities. I've been living in EARTH House for three years now and because of the common interests between my different roommates and me, we have gotten along on great terms every year. Besides the people, I love the rooms themselves. There's lots of space, and sharing a bathroom with three other people instead of a whole floor is great, not to mention the condition of the rooms and their furniture, which still look like new.”

You can remain in EARTH House throughout your time at Penn State, but to become a part of the community to begin with, you have to apply for the option your first year here. If good times with fellow Ag Sci students floats your boat, I’d definitely recommend checking it out.