New Adventures at the End of the Year

Posted: May 8, 2013

Arika reflects on her first year at University Park and shares her excitement for her trip to Kenya and internship in Oklahoma.

Jambo everyone! I’m brushing up on a little Swahili before my trip. I wanted to write a blog to talk about the experiences I'll be embarking on this summer. 

To sum up my year at University Park, it has been an amazing experience. I truly enjoyed taking AnSc 207 and 208 in the fall which involved Meat Science and Technology, where I learned more about the meat industry and how to cook a delicious pork loin, yum! As for the spring semester, I can tell you I learned the most about grasses!

Future Penn Staters, make sure you study in your classes and get involved in your labs and in class. The information that you learn in the classroom is going to help in real-world situations and it’s not a bad idea to achieve that B+ you’ve always wanted. I believe that by pushing yourself to do your best and making sure that you meet deadlines you can achieve almost anything. But, most importantly do not be afraid to take chances, risks, or opportunities! The opportunities that are staring us right in the eye are sometimes life’s most rewarding experiences that can open up a world of possibilities.

I have taken a few opportunities that were staring me right in the eye and hopefully will come out of my summer vacation as a changed individual. As many of you know, I have been participating in an embedded course that will be traveling to Kenya for three weeks. I am excited to announce that I will be hopping on a jet tomorrow afternoon to embark on my new journey to help those in need of starting a new future in agriculture. I am beyond elated and I hope that you will follow me on the course’s blog! We will be sure to give you daily updates of our progress at the C.Y.E.C.

After my journey has completed in Africa, I will be returning to the United States only to be heading to Oklahoma on another adventure--an internship. My internship will take place in Ardmore, OK operated by the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, an organization that supports agricultural research and provides consultation to farmers, ranchers and land managers in the Southern Great Plains. They focus their research efforts on improving the soil and fostering sustainable agriculture practices. Through this internship, I hope to explore what I would like to achieve with a degree in animal sciences and gain skills that I will use later on in my career as an agriculturalist. I will be sure to keep you updated on my progress at the Foundation and cannot wait for the adventures to begin!

Until next time, Nittany Lions!