Feeling the Butterflies at Farm Show

Posted: January 21, 2013

Jena visits the butterfly tent at the Pennsylvania Farm Show and discovers one of the show's small wonders.
Here I am in the butterfly tent holding a Monarch butterfly!

Here I am in the butterfly tent holding a Monarch butterfly!

There are so many things you can explore in agriculture, actually something different every day. When I worked with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture as a Press Intern at the 2013 Pennsylvania Farm Show, every day I got to see something different in agriculture. Here is a story of just one experience out of many I had during my time there.

Every morning for the past five days at the Pennsylvania Farm Show, I had walked by the butterfly tent. I would see children and their parents wait in line to go in.  Outside of the booth was a flat screen television that showed visitors exploring the inside of the tent. Thousands of butterflies were floating around inside. I had the idea to capture a few snapshots of children and visitors in the butterfly tent. When I suggested the idea to my supervisor, she sent me off to do it first thing.

The exhibit was charging admission to enter, but to my surprise the gentleman working the booth waved me in for free. Upon entering, I couldn’t believe my eyes. So many butterflies in a variety of colors were everywhere inside. People of all ages were exploring the different learning stations. I began shooting a few photographs when I realized that there was a teenage boy in front of me with five butterflies on his shirt! I joked with him and called him the “butterfly magnet.”

A butterfly tent volunteer told me that an estimated 1,200 butterflies of all different breeds were inside the tent, and by the end of the week there would be an estimated total of 1,400 butterflies! Before my eyes butterflies were hatching, spreading their wings and flying off to join their new friends.

I was about to leave the tent when suddenly I felt something ruffle my hair. I knew exactly what landed there. A Monarch butterfly!

I had never experienced so many butterflies in my life. But maybe that’s what this week was about for me: I was experiencing Farm Show as I never had before, and I was definitely feeling the butterflies.

We should all take some time to experience new things and feel the butterflies!