Boots on the Bay with Collegiate Cattlewomen

Posted: February 13, 2013

Arika talks about Collegiate Cattlewomen, an organization that promotes the cattle industry, both dairy and beef alike, and the national conference she attended as a member.

Hello everyone! I am currently writing to you all from 30,000 feet, flying to the Sunshine State. There are so many opportunities in the College of Agriculture Sciences that can take you places, literally. 

A club that I instantly fell in love with when I came to University Park was Collegiate Cattlewomen. Over the last four years I have had a growing passion for the beef industry and wanted to expand my network, especially at the collegiate level. Penn State Collegiate Cattlewomen is a group of individuals that share one common love, cattle! I encourage anyone who is passionate about the beef industry or those who are just deciding what species of interest to focus on,  consider Collegiate Cattlewomen. During the year, we as an organization participate in a variety of activities, including Ag Olympics, Ag Day, Meat-In Day, reading to children, and also attend the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) National Convention.

The reason I'm sky high is because I, along with 8 other members of Collegiate Cattlewomen, are traveling to the NCBA conference, which takes place in Tampa, Florida this year. NCBA is partially funded by each state’s checkoff program. This grand convention will bring together farmers and ranchers from around the country to talk about current issues facing our industry and ways for improvement not only on the ranch, but reaching out to the consumers.

Although we will be missing our regular class schedules this week, we'll be attending Cattlemen's College instead. Cattlemen’s College is an event that every participant enjoys because this is where the learning takes place, anywhere from talking about environmental impacts of the beef herd to learning about how to talk to consumers about how we raise our beef. Throughout the week we’ll develop more insight on developing issues in the beef industry which we can later take back to Pennsylvania and help out our local cattlemen and cattlewomen. We will also have a chance to meet fellow Collegiate Cattlewomen from around the country as we will be attending the American National Cattlewomen’s annual meeting. Through networking with other individuals during this conference, we can create ties to the industry that will last for years to come.

It is crucial to our generation that we network as much as possible. By doing so we can open doors to opportunities that we might feel would be impossible to achieve otherwise. Take advantage of every opportunity that you are given and as I've stated before, get involved! Joining clubs and meeting new people might be the beginning of a new adventure!

Until next time!