Penn State Agricultural Sciences Spring Ball

Posted: April 6, 2013

The Penn State Ag Ball is held annually every spring. Members are recognized for community service projects and various club events.

Hello everyone! Spring has finally sprung here on Ag Hill and things are really getting into action on campus.  One of my very favorite activities to participate in happens to be the College of Ag Sciences’ annual Ag Ball. 

The first time I experienced Ag Ball, I felt like I was at my high school prom all over again. The event is formal so this includes the girls wearing their nicest dresses and the guys in dress clothes and ties.  Some of the attendees are from various organizations throughout the college such as Block and Bridle, Collegiate FFA, Collegiate Farm Bureau, etc.  As with any college social gathering, food is included and probably the best food in town may I add!  Club awards are announced after a three-course meal.  The ceremony not only recognizes various clubs within the College of Ag Sciences for their various achievements such as community service and Organization of the Year, but the College of Ag Sciences’s Ag Woman and Ag Man of the Year awards.  The two individuals who receive this award are senior students who display a unique leadership role within the college and are active members at the university level.  Next week I will interview the 2013 Ag Woman of the Year, Heidi Musshafen, and find out what it takes to win this prestigious award.

Near the end of the night, the ceremonial portion of the evening starts to slow down and things start to heat up on the dance floor with dancing, especially line dancing. It’s hard to say that your spring Friday night gets any better than an evening spent with good friends, food, and line dancing.  My advice to future students: take advantage of every social activity and event and be involved. These events will create friendships and memories you can look back on long after you've left Penn State.