State College Summer Buzz

Posted: July 23, 2012

While there may not be a swarm of students and activities here over the summer, the University Park campus and State College sure stay busy with plenty of great opportunities!
With over 40,000 attendees, Ag Progress Days is the most popular College of Ag Sciences event in the summertime

With over 40,000 attendees, Ag Progress Days is the most popular College of Ag Sciences event in the summertime

If you should plan to make a visit to Penn State University Park this summer, it’s good to know about all the cool stuff that’s happening. But before I dive in, I’ll warn you about the one thing that is always certain on campus in the summer—construction! But once you get past the smoke and jackhammers, you’ll find some peace amidst the much thinner population of students roaming the sidewalks.

So what are students doing here? While some are taking general classes, many are incoming freshmen taking classes through LEAP (Learning Edge Academic Program). Students can pick from an array of LEAP “prides” and take 2 classes (6 credits) to get a jump start on their credits and become familiar with campus. If you ask me, Ag LEAP is where it’s at. Two summers ago, as part of Ag LEAP, I went on some sweet tours of our ag facilities, became very comfy on campus, and met my roommate of two years along with several other ag friends. You should definitely think about Ag LEAP.

As for perspective students, you can come see campus by attending Spend a Summer Day (SASD)—a chance for high school students to see campus as they gather general Penn State info and attend sessions for different colleges. As an Ag Advocate, I’ve been helping with SASD for the College of Ag Sciences and giving a student perspective presentation with another Ag Advocate, Olivia. SASD is a perfect way to discover what the university and College of Ag Sciences have to offer as you enjoy a day on campus.

Once you get off campus, the opportunities expand further. While these events have already come to pass for this year, you shouldn’t miss out on the very popular Fourth Fest (complete with the 2nd best fireworks show in the country) and the world-famous Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts (Arts Fest) if you make a visit to State College in July.

And finally, the third week of August brings the largest outdoor agricultural exposition in Pennsylvania: Ag Progress Days! The College of Ag Sciences hosts this awesome event with tons of fun for the whole family! You can do anything from climbing a tree (if you're a kid) to watching ag equipment demonstrations to eating fresh maple cotton candy. Held at the college’s off-campus research farm site, this popular and totally free event will attract thousands this year as it takes place from August 14th to August 16th, so be sure to come on out!