Frank's Alumni Mentoring Workshop Experience

Posted: October 10, 2012

Here's a brief account of my experience at the Ag Alumni Society's Mentoring Workshop.
Casual, yet professional

Casual, yet professional

On October 2, I went to the Ag Alumni Society’s Mentoring Workshop, and was pleasantly surprised by not just what, but how much they had to offer me. When I registered, they allowed me to choose between a free electronics case, ear buds, and a Creamery gift card--just for showing up! (I went with the food-related option, of course.)

Our college photographer, Steve Williams, took a free professional photograph of me for job applications and such, something that would have cost me a pretty penny anywhere else.

If that weren’t enough to satisfy me, I had yet to go to the internship workshop I chose to attend, among options ranging from interviews to résumés. Our speaker, a Penn State Food Science grad currently working for Hershey’s microbiology department, had much to say on the benefits and challenges of internships, and the best ways to approach them. Considering that his internship had been for Hershey back in his college days, I realized pursuing one might be a decision I won’t regret.

They said college is all about what you make of it, but these guys are certainly making it easier for us. You rock, Ag Alumni!