Spring Training

Posted: March 21, 2012

My defiant heifer, June, and I have our work cut out for us as we prepare for the Dairy Expo to be held in the Ag Arena on April 14.
My heifer, June

My heifer, June

My experience with livestock has always been limited to horses, with the exception of a small stint in last year’s Penn State Dairy Expo, showing a small heifer. We placed well, and I had a blast, so this spring I am back for round two--this year with an older, larger heifer and slightly more insight into the process of halter training a cow. 

As a second-year showman, I was assigned a larger intermediate-level cow, and her attitude definitely reflects the increase in level! Our first interaction this week left something to be desired. “June,” the name I have given her, based on her June 2011 birthday, attempted to rebel against the concept of a halter restraining her head. Two hours of thrashing later, she was becoming a little more comfortable with me handling her, and today’s practice saw modest improvement! 

By the end of our short time together in the dairy barn this evening, my defiant heifer was walking by my side--this time with minimal thrashing. We definitely have our work cut out for us. Look for June and me at the Dairy Expo held in the Ag Arena on April 14!