Ag Alumni Mentoring Workshop

Posted: October 11, 2012

Jess writes about her experiences at the Ag Alumni Mentoring Workshop.

To me, the College of Ag Sciences represents a tight-knit family of students, professors, and alumni focused around a common interest—agricultural sciences. While we are all unique as students, with varying interests and goals, the college is dedicated to help us each succeed in our own way.

This past week’s Alumni Mentoring Workshop proved no different. Armed with helpful knowledge in topics from interviewing to internships, six College of Ag Sciences alumni returned to hold small group sessions with students to help them learn about applying for internships and interviewing for jobs. I attended a workshop on interviewing, thinking that there is no better way to learn how to talk with employers, than from an actual professional in the workforce! I was able to gain a better sense of what questions to expect during an interview, and what simple formalities can make or break the interview process. A very important aspect of an interview, I learned, is your smile! Being a confident candidate carries a lot of weight!

This opportunity just goes to represent one of the many cool resources that our college offers, to help us to become the best students (and future professionals) that we can be! This personal relationship between alumni and students in the College of Ag Sciences is a unique thing—only possible through a college as tight-knit as the College of Ag Sciences!