The Start of Something New

Posted: September 27, 2011

I'll share my stories, photos, videos and daily life as a current student in the College of Ag Sciences at Penn State!

My first day as a Penn State freshman had to have been one of the scarier days of my life. All new faces, new teachers, new campus, new rules, new expectations, and new time management. The list goes on. As I write this first post, I am a Penn State junior, having made it well past the first day. First lesson learned? You will inevitably survive in college. Ideally, you will do more than survive. They call it the best four years of your life, actually. (You’ll without a doubt hear this numerous times from your older friends, aunts, random strangers who hear you are headed off to school.) This said, picking the right college is crucial in order to make it past the first day. 

Penn State is huge. There is no denying it. That might be one of the first things you notice upon stepping on campus. Let me give you a little advice about size: IT GETS SMALLER. (And a nice pair of comfortable walking shoes helps too.) I graduated high school with 110 of my closest friends. I knew everybody and they knew me. You are probably wondering exactly what I wondered when I was in your shoes considering schools: how on Earth will I survive and even flourish at such a big place? Will I get lost? Well, not only did I survive the first day in Happy Valley, but I met new friends, became intimately involved in the collegiate community. I pursued my interests, and chased nearly endless opportunities. But before I get too wrapped up in my story, let me introduce myself. You can call me Jess, and I am studying Environmental Resource Management in the College of Ag Sciences. I love horseback riding and fishing, and am involved with three clubs and organizations on campus: Ag Advocates, the Bass Fishing Club, and SEAC (Small and Exotic Animal Club).  

I chose Penn State for my four-year journey. Penn State could also be a good fit for you. In the coming months, I’ll share my stories, photos, videos, and daily life as a college student. I welcome you to introduce yourself! Pose any questions as they come to you. I’m eager to share what I can with you to help make your college application process and your journey to and through Penn State a successful one. Subscribe to my blog!