College of Ag Sciences Media Commons

Posted: September 30, 2011

Check out the awesome resources available to you as a College of Ag Sciences student!

The next step as a College of Ag Sciences intern was to learn to use the technology to my advantage. My first stop- the Media Commons. From a green screen to fancy sound booths, College of Ag Sciences students have a great resource at their disposal, to create awesome movies and digital projects, located right here on Ag Hill! After a brief tutorial in the Media Commons, I now feel ready to produce some videos to show you my life here at Penn State.

The more I learn to create digital projects, the more I realize how useful these skills are, not only for my internship, but also for my future career, networking, and presence in the ag industry! I've gained skills to use in applying for jobs and internships. For example, I was able to create my own personal online profile for potential employers to view! I can experiment with podcasts, web design, photo and sound editing, and video. The opportunities in multimedia creation are endless! Check back next week and I'll post my first video creation!

In almost any job you choose, the employer will inevitably be looking for a candidate with strong communication skills. Take for example the Ag Communications Minor. The program’s description includes, "Communications is the essence of all professional practices." This in effect highlights my point- to be competitive in a time of growing technology, communication skills are vital! I am so excited to continue to utilize the Media Commons and all the resources provided to me as a Penn State Student and look forward to sharing with you my projects! Check out this video demonstrating the use of the Media Commons: