Transferring to Penn State?

An applicant who has attended any regionally accredited college or institution providing college-level courses and completed 18 or more semester credits subsequent to high school graduation may be considered for admission with advanced standing.

College Policy

Advanced-standing transfer students may be admitted directly to a major (if entrance requirements have been met), or admitted to the College in pre-major status (if transferring with less than 59.1 credits and can meet the entrance to major requirements prior to fifth-semester classification).


  1. High school and college transcripts are required to complete a transfer application.
  2. Students transferring to University Park must have taken 2 years of full-time college coursework before the time of transfer. 
  3. For more information about the transfer requirements, visit the Undergraduate Admissions website.
  4. Transfer credits will be evaluated by the academic adviser in the department/school.


Transfers to University Park

  • Transfer students in pre-major or major status at University Park are advised by a department academic adviser. 
  • Students are encouraged to contact the major adviser as early as possible to discuss a viable schedule of courses for the entering semester.

Transfers to Commonwealth Campus


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