Members of the Leadership Team

Sarah Lott Zost - Co-Chairperson

Sarah has been an active member of the Young Grower Alliance since she returned to the family farm after graduating with a pomology degree from Michigan State University. She and her father manage Bonnie Brae Orchards, and she also serves as a board member of the Adams County Fruit Grower Association. She encourages other young professionals to consider networking with the YGA!

Adam Baugher -Co-Chairperson

Adam is a 5th generation member of Adams County Nursery, where he has a major responsibility for taking care of scionwood nurseries. He also is a musician and plays saxophone with a local band that has performed the last couple of years for the New Year’s Eve Celebration on the Square in Gettysburg.

Katie Epstein - Treasurer

Katie Epstein TreasurerKatie is a loan officer with AgChoice Farm Credit working with growers in York, Adams and surrounding counties where she has been since 2008 after graduating from Cornell University. When not involved with AgChoice responsibilities or volunteering with the many local organizations she is involved with she helps on her family’s dairy farm and enjoys spending time with her family, especially cheering on her husband who is a marathon runner.

Committee Members

Liaison to State Horticultural Association of Pennsylvania (SHAP) — Andrew Schwalm

Liaison to YGA of Virginia — Philip Glaize

Liaison to Maryland Horticultural Society — Ben Butler

Liaison to US Apple — Mark Boyer

Horticulture Student Support (SHAP Scholarship)—Sidney Kuhn, Wayne Hollabaugh, Jen Baugher

Workshops & Speaking Engagements (Transition Planning)
Ryan Callahan, Sarah Zost, Katie Epstein, Hallie Van Horn, Zoe Milburn, Adam Dellinger

Tours (Sharing Diversification & Marketing Ideas, Exploring Innovations)
Justin Weaver, Corey McCleaf, Tyler Butler, Andrew Schwalm, Mike Flinchbaugh

Service Work & Leadership Development (Farm Show and US Apple)—Ben Keim, Maggie Travis, Julie Bolyard, Corey McCleaf, Philip Glaize, Mark Boyer, Steven Johnston, Matt Strite

Professional Development (Connecting with others for support of tours)—Ben Lerew, Katie Epstein, Clair Kauffman, Greg Wenk, Kyle Benner

Liaison to IFTA -
 Jen Baugher

Penn State Extension

Don Seifrit

Don Seifrit is a Young Grower/Tree Fruit Extension Educator based out of Berks County. He worked alongside Extension IPM and horticulture professionals at the University of Delaware before coming to Penn State. Don earned his Master’s degree studying ways to improve watermelon production and is passionate about improving and growing the agriculture industry through research and outreach.

Tara Baugher

Tara BaugherFrom its beginning in 2005, YGA has been a valued network for extending Penn State’s tree fruit educational programs to the specialty crop industry. Assisting young growers in transitioning to horticultural systems that are environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable through tours, in-depth workshops, and field trials is a truly meaningful part of an extension educator’s role. Young growers are invited to contact Tara Baugher if you have horticultural questions or ideas for answering those questions through research trials in your orchards!

YGA Co-chairperson

YGA Co-Chairperson