Other Projects

Other projects funded by the student technology fee in 2012-13.
  • A Tour Guide System for use in Food Science Pilot Plants and Creamery to Aid Student Engagement
  • Acrylamide in Fried Foods:  A Case Study for the Chemical Analysis of Food
  • Aquaponics Remote Monitoring Technology
  • AutoCAD Licensing for ABE Computer Lab 242
  • Critical Enhancement of the Entomology Teaching Microscopy Equipment
  • Demonstration of Advanced Classroom Computing
  • Digital Oscilloscopes for Class Experiments
  • Four Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Cells and Power Supplies for use throughout the Food Science Curriculum
  • Hardware and Software Components for Laser Tomography System
  • Industry Standard Least Cost Animal Feed Formulation
  • One HPLC Unit (High-performance liquid chromatography) for use in the Food Chemistry Teaching Laboratory
  • Pumps and Instrumentation for Class Lab Experiments