Improved Projection Technology for Non-Tech Classrooms

Two wireless computer projectors, three iPads, one HD video camera, and and one Hotspot for wireless connectivity were purchased.


The Student Technology Fee Program grant, personnel (Hulet, Clauer, and Patterson) were able to purchase the following:  Two wireless computer projectors with the ability to interact with multiple computers wirelessly; Three Apple ipads with accompanying software to allow use for spreadsheet, PowerPoint, and word processing;  One HD video camera for recording of supplemental teaching material, and student presentations; and one AT&T Hotspot for wireless conductivity for computers, ipads, and/or projectors wherever we conduct student, industry, or youth programs.  To this point, we have conducted two webinars from Lancaster that was enjoyed locally as well as transmitted around the state to interested clientele.  Equipment was utilized in the recent Youth Poultry 101 education and recruiting program.  Poultry evaluation and selection course (An Sc 421) was able to use the technology to improve information transfer in the non-technology rooms at PERC and Henning 221.  The National Egg School utilized the technology to connect to internet sites, and show presentations in a wireless fashion.  We look forward to the Fall semester to utilize the technology in An Sc 311 for student presentations, for internship reports in our Poultry Club meetings, and introduction of applications from the ipads in teaching and instructing our courses.

Results of Technology Fee Grant

We appreciate the opportunity to report on the use of the technology grant monies that were gratefully received.  We received $3000 which we matched with $1500 from Departmental funds.  The funding allowed us the opportunity to increase our technological acumen in our delivery of teaching (AN SC 311 and 421), extension activities (adult, student, and youth), and student club activities (Poultry Science Club).

With the teaching, extension, and student club activities in mind, we were able to focus our purchases on two wireless projectors, three ipads, a AT&T Hot Spot to enable wireless conductivity at activities, and a HD video camera.  The wireless projectors have already been used in AN SC 421 course and have greatly improved the quality in non-technology classroom (Henning 221 and PERC classroom).  Presentations were used in a wireless environment and allowed the ability to pull information from the internet to improve the teaching experience for the students.  In the fall we look forward to the student’s use of this technology in their class presentations.  Since we have a HD camera, the student presentations will be recorded for review with the student for content of presentation as well as tips on improving presentation techniques.