Our Commitment To Academic Advising

The College of Agricultural Sciences strives to be a student-centered organization.

We are dedicated to supporting student success and have a long-standing commitment to engaging students and faculty through academic advising. Our goal is to help students focus on their strengths and make decisions that are in their best interests and progress in their chosen academic programs.

Shared Responsibility for Advising

Penn State considers academic advising to be a shared responsibility of both advisers and students; it takes involvement of both advisers and students to make the advising relationship succeed. To assist students and advisers, the college provides information to help plan the chosen program of study. Students are expected to routinely contact their advisers and assume final responsibility for course scheduling, program planning, and successful completion of graduation requirements. For specific responsibilities see the Penn State University Faculty Senate Advising Policy.

College Advising System

Each major in the college is coordinated by a faculty member (academic program coordinator) who is also the lead academic adviser for students pursuing the major.

Ag Sciences students enrolled at Penn State Campuses

A faculty member at each campus is designated as the college's liaison and may also serve as the academic adviser for students enrolled in Agricultural Sciences. In addition to working with their assigned academic adviser, campus students are encouraged to communicate regularly with individuals in the academic degree program they are pursuing.

Ag Sciences students enrolled at University Park:

A faculty member in the major a student is pursuing is assigned as the academic adviser. Premajor, first-, and second-year students are also assigned to work with faculty advisers in their chosen majors; once a student declares a major, a faculty member from the major becomes the student's adviser. In partnership with faculty, the college's Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) Programs Coordinator provides personalized advising for students who are working to choose the most appropriate major in Ag Sciences.

College Academic Information

The college maintains current information about each undergraduate major--overview, career opportunities, course requirements, and scheduling tips.