• Attend monthly Program Coordinator meetings as provided by the Undergraduate Education Office.
  • Serve as a contact and resource person for parents and prospective students. Visits with prospective students and parents when needed.
  • Meet with Assoc. Dean annually to review and communicate or provide feedback any academic issues or concerns.
  • Acquire knowledge of the following relating to department scholarship program: chairperson, scholarships available, process for scholarship recipient selection, and timeline for scholarship application availability for students, and the recipient selection process.


  • Participate in College New Student Programs, Spend-a-Summer Day, and Open Houses.
  • Assign advising responsibilities to department advisors, train new advisors, and assist all advisors in their advising efforts. Keep internal (dept. use) student checksheets updated.
  • Update recommended Academic Plans for your major(s) for your department handbook or majors manual and for the College of Agricultural Sciences Undergraduate Advising Handbook.
  • Schedule/conduct meetings of faculty/staff advisors for the purpose of updating information and procedures.
  • Provide advising support for faculty and students at commonwealth campuses.

Student Records

  • Manage general records of students in your major and/or minor program(s).
  • Review and sign petition forms (as appropriate) for all course substitutions and waivers recommended by program advisors (for both major and minor exception requests) prior to unit leader signature.
  • Receive electronic re-enrollment, reinstatement, and change-of-major requests forwarded to you by Associate Dean's office. Review student record and respond back in a timely manner with recommendation/approval.
  • Sign/initial paper Change-of-Major forms for UP students wishing to change into your major(s) & submit to OUE in a timely manner.
  • Review advanced standing university park admission requests as needed.
  • Review change-of-campus requests and provide a recommendation for approval/denial.
  • Work with the Associate Dean's office on the numerous student record Registrar deadlines associated with commencement each semester.
  • In consultation with dept. advisors, verify with Associate Dean's office that all your students scheduled to graduate have met all curriculum requirements and approve the final graduation list every semester by posted deadline.
  • PCs for minors: Confirm that students have met all requirements for minors and set approval in department for graduation (via ISIS screen).

December 19, 2012