Undergraduate Proposal Instructions

For Undergraduate Course Proposals

All course and program proposals are to use the “Curriculum Review and Consultation System” (CRCS) found at the University Curriculum Review and Consultation website

For Undergraduate Major or Minor Program Proposals

Step 1. Prospectus Must be Submitted First, Prior to Submission of Your Program Proposal.

A curricular program prospectus must always precede development and submission of a program proposal.  
The Associate Dean must submit the prospectus via the submissions forms (below) at least one week prior to the ACUE meeting for ACUE review (The first Thursday of every month).

Proposal originators must submit the needed prospectus information to the Associate Dean in a word document via email.  The prospectus information needed for your proposal can be found on the links below (based on the type of proposal you are submitting).  The Associate Dean will submit the prospectus form with the information you provide.

Prospectus submission for a P-1 (New UG Major, Option, IUG or Minor or Name Change)
Prospectus submission for a P-2 (Curricular Changes in UG Degrees/Majors, Options, IUGs, and Minors)
Prospectus submission for a P-3 (Moving/Sharing/Discontinuing Degree Programs)
Prospectus submission for a P-4 (Academic Program or Minor Closure)

Upon receipt of the ACUE prospectus review recommendation memo, a full P-1, P-2, P-3, or P-4 proposal may be submitted to the College for ICAC review.

Step 2. Program Proposal Submission and Process

Complete your proposal in the CRCS system.  Use the Help Tab on your CRCS homepage to locate the User’s Manual and Quick-Start Guide are available at:

Once your proposal is complete, you will submit to the “College Administrator” as the final step in CRCS.  Proposals are submitted to the College Administrator for review by the College’s Instruction and Curricular Affairs Committee (ICAC) prior to submission to the Faculty Senate.

The College ICAC committee will recommend one of the following:

  1. Ok as is – no changes needed – and the College Administrator will begin the submission to the Faculty Senate
  2. Proposal needs minor revisions – College Administrator will reset the proposal back to the originator for the suggested revision before submission to the Faculty Senate.
  3. Proposal needs major revisions  - College Administrator will reset the proposal back to the originator for the suggested revision and it will need to be reviewed again at the next committee meeting before submission to the faculty senate.

Step 3. Costing Analysis Form (if needed)