Teaching resources for Faculty and Staff (Undergraduate and Graduate).

Academic Integrity

Is the behavior that ensures that work is one's own and that work of others is properly recognized.

Curriculum (ICAC and CRCS)

Resources for the Curriculum Review and Consultation System (CRCS) and the Instruction and Curricular Affairs Committee (ICAC) and general curriculum.

Graduate Education Resources

Research, Funding, Grants and Internships. Resources for Coordinators and Students. Suggested Syllabus Statement.

Instructional Workload Guidelines

These guidelines, which represent a broad outline of teaching expectations, provide for fair and equitable instructional loads among tenure-track faculty in the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Penn State Teaching Resources

Teaching resources offered by the University for Faculty and Staff

Program Coordinator Resources

Monthly meeting dates, agendas, and Box folder. Duties of a Program Coordinator and contact list.

Recommended Practices in Graduate Education

Recommended practices in each of three core areas for all of the key participants in graduate student education

Technology Funding

Faculty may submit proposals for the use of student Information Technology Fees to strengthen the teaching and learning environment within the college. Undergraduate and graduate courses qualify.

Undergraduate Education Forms & Procedures

Includes academic and advising forms and procedures, such as withdrawals, transfers, etc.

Undergraduate Research

Each semester, undergraduate students are awarded funding to complete research experiences in collaboration with supervising faculty members. Proposals are accepted for Fall, Spring and Summer.