September 4, 2013

Summary of the Committee's regular monthly meeting.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2:00-3:00 p.m. - 331 Ag Administration Building

Present:  Heike Betz, Colleen Bloom, Joyce Brungart, Angela Clark, Bruce Grinder, Wendy Harter, Renee Kennedy, Renee Miller

Absent:  Joyce Cingel, Keith Diehl, Elizabeth Matthiesen, Heather Read, and Diane Yoder

Review of Meeting Notes

Notes previously sent out to all members from the August 7th meeting were approved.  Colleen will add them to the SACD website and asked all members to share them within their units.

Old Business
The final two new members were introduced.  The committee is now complete.

  • Angela Clark – Ecosystem Science and Management (for Dana Grove)
  • Renee Kennedy – Animal Science (for Glenn Myers)

A revised committee list was distributed as well as the updated meeting schedule for the year.  The listserv and website has been updated with the information.

Invited Guest
Melissa Bard, Director of the Office of Human Resources, was invited to the meeting to respond to the discussion items from the last meeting.  She has also offered herself to any unit to attend scheduled staff assistant meetings to answer questions.

Staff Retreat - Melissa said there was no report from the staff retreat.  It was mainly for everyone to get involved to discuss issues after the restructuring.  If there still are concerns, the college leadership is willing to meet and discuss.  Melissa said it would be helpful to learn what isn’t working and get some ideas for solutions.

Regarding information that is not cascading down from the managers to the staff on certain topics, she will contact the managers to see if notes or discussion items from their meetings could be passed down to the staff to ensure the information is shared.

Internal Positions - Referring to policy HR74 all vacant staff, faculty, and postdoc positions including fixed-term positions need to be posted for a minimum of one week.  This is to insure we are following Fair Employment Practices (policy HR01).  As far as jobs that are being reviewed and are not vacant, they do not need to be posted.  This includes increases in pay that would come after a job review, promotion, or GSI.

Fixed-Term Reappointment Process
- The fiscal year fixed-term reappointment process is a priority for the human resources office in June and involves multiple steps to ensure that all employees are reappointed accurately and meet University deadlines. 

All departments are required to notify the Ag human resources office of the employee reappointment dates by May 31.  This ensures that our office has time to process the reappointment information and/or notify an employee of a non-renewal.  Per policy HR-97, written notice of layoff shall be provided to an employee by the work unit’s Human Resources Representative, or designee, four weeks prior to the date of termination. 

The Confirmation of Fixed-Term Appointments were mailed to all employees during the third week in June, once the fixed-term appointment information was entered and reviewed for accuracy.  It is essential that the appointment information is complete and accurate to ensure that all employees continue employment without interruption in service, benefits, etc.  In the future, please feel free to contact our office, or your department, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the status of your appointment. 

Wellness Profile - Melissa described how other businesses have done this wellness program.  She agrees that the communication plan could have been better.  This plan does not include retirees or technical service employees at this time.

After employees complete the wellness profile, they will receive e-mail updates as information is added to their profile.  For example, your profile will automatically populate with your medical history and care plans.  Colleen also shared information from Jill Musser on how to handle incorrect diagnosis information that may appear in their personal health records.  Anyone with concerns about information they are seeing in the personal health record should contact their provider, as the information would have originated with the provider, not Highmark.

Fall College-wide Staff Meeting – October 21
Jill Musser, manager of the benefits program from central human resources, will be the guest speaker at the college-wide meeting in October.   She will run through the official open enrollment presentation that she gives at all campus locations.  The Ella Reagle Award will also be presented by the selection committee chair.

Items for Discussion with the Dean
Questions that were presented from committee members to ask the Dean were distributed.  Melissa gave some brief answers based on her knowledge.  More detailed responses will be provided after meeting with the Dean on October 8.  Questions were as follows: (responses will be in October meeting summary)

  1. How much money was saved by the buyouts and the restructure?  Is that being used to offset our deficit?
  2. What is happening / happened to the money saved by doing the health care verification and removing ineligible individuals?
  3. CJC classification system concerns.  Report on meeting with Sue Basso.  Have the challenges been addressed?
  4. Cross-training/backup support for units.  If we are no longer following the “boxes,” are the ASA jobs still splintered and varied by unit.  How does this address consistency across the board.
  5. Performance Management Process Improvement status
  6. Dean search status update
  7. Review of department heads after five years?


Colleen asked the committee to think about nominations for the Chair-elect to serve during the 2013-14 calendar year.  This person will become Chair the following year.  The person should have already served one year on the committee.  This topic will be discussed in October.

With no further discussion, the meeting adjourned at 3:10 p.m.

(Meeting notes summary reviewed and accepted at the October 8, 2013 meeting.)