September 11, 2012

Summary of the committee's regular monthly meeting

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 • 1:00 p.m.
342 Food Science Building
Present: Colleen Bloom, Glenn Myers, Dana Grove, Heike Betz, Kimberly Ripka, Diane Yoder, Heather Read, Tiffany Rainey, Keith Diehl
Absent, with excuse: Bruce Grinder
Three seats remain currently open (Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education; and two seats from nonacademic groups)
The chair welcomed the newly-elected representatives who were attending their first meeting. After a round of introductions, the chair reminded them (and the entire committee) that they should make themselves known to the staff in their departments, advertise the committee's website, keep their ears open to concerns of staff, and actively participate in the work of the committee.
The committee discussed the proposed amendment to the committee charter, identified as Amendment F. Committee members made suggestions for changes or further clarification. The chair will incorporate these changes/additions to the current amendment proposal and email a new draft to each committee member for further comment. A final draft will be issued to the committee at least two weeks prior to the next regular meeting on October 9, 2012, at which time the committee will vote on it's adoption. The proposed amendment more clearly defines committee membership; departmental (both academic and nonacademic) representation; the manner and timing of elections; the committee's quorum; committee representative involvement with staff in their respective departments/units; the length of term for a member who is elected to the position of chair elect; and the position of past chair with regard to length of service on the committee and how the vote of the past chair is counted in committee decisions. The amendment also makes note of the discontinuance of the SPEC program. 
The committee discussed and will review at a later date the potential need for additional representative from those departments that grew in size due to a merger. 
The chair reported on the status of the Ella Reagle Staff Assistant Award process.
A brief discussion ensued about the need to have a committee election for the position of chair elect. There are two representatives currently serving that are eligible to hold the position. The chair will speak to those eligible.
Past chair Kimberly Ripka reported on a discussion held with Ag Science Human Resources about the possibility of the committee sponsoring staff-related activities—both community related and for internal enrichment. The committee will continue discussions on event possibilities brought up during this discussion and will revisit these ideas at our next regular meeting. Committee members will send other ideas that they may have to the chair. It was generally agreed that this was a good idea but concerns were expressed about time commitments for some of the activities mentioned.
The committee discussed items of interest concerning the college staff that will be forwarded to the dean for his review and comment at our quarterly meeting with him next month.
There was continuing discussion about the upcoming all-college staff meeting and those plans will be finalized at the next regular meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:50 p.m.