Sept. 16, 2016

Terra Ingram, Danielle Harter, Beth Tepsic, Jaimie Garrison, Tom Adams, Kathy Pletcher, Tammy Heikes, Erica Kertis, Jamie Klaue, Tara Homan & LaTrisha Hough

Committee Roles
Erica Kertis agreed to be our website point of contact; she will make updates, etc. Amy Maney & Tara Homan agreed to take meeting minutes.

Communication to your department/unit
Terra Ingram encouraged us to reach out to our respective departments/units to re/introduce yourself, remind them about our committee and what we do, and ask if they have any issues/concerns/inefficiencies they would like us to bring up to the dean at our Oct 5th meeting. These responses are due by Sept 29th. You may also encourage them to go to the website to send an anonymous concern/request.

When there is a hot topic that we’re covering we will make a concerted effort to share this information with our departments/units as informational or requesting feedback.

Brown Bag Lunch Series
Tara Homan, along with the help of Beth Tepsic, will come up with a vision for the Brown Bag Lunch Series and present it to the Dean on Oct 5th. We would like to steer away from research driven speakers because they are already present within our departments/units. Our focus will be professional development, systems, procedures, and speakers such as an Ag Advocate or someone from the research barns. Tara Homan will reach out to Brad Smith to ask about reserving 118 ASI.

Inefficiencies in your work or your unit’s work
This is an area that the Dean specifically asked us to focus on. Terra has reached out to Nick Jones’ office because when he first arrived at the university he mentioned this being an area of focus. She thought it would be good to know where he stands with this initiative before moving forward. A few spoke about the amount of paperwork that goes into specific procedures here in the College of Ag. Terra encouraged us to add this to our email to our coworkers/departments/units to see if they would like to add anything to our discussion with the Dean on Oct 5th.

Topic’s for Oct 5th meeting with the Dean
-Staff Retreat
-Brown Bag Series

Next SACD Meeting will be October 5, 2016 in 214 Ferguson Building from 2-3:30 pm.

**Please note all meetings have been moved in to room 214 Ferguson**