October 5, 2016

Terra Ingram, Amy Maney, Jaimie Garrison, Kathy Pletcher, Jamie Klaue, Erica Kertis &Tara Homan

Fall College Wide Staff Meeting
This year the event will take place on Friday, October 28th from 3:00-4:30 in room 101 ASI. Dr. Blannie Bowen, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs will be our speaker. He will be speaking on employee empowerment and doing more with less. The title of his talk is still forthcoming. The program will also include the presentation of the Ella Reagle Staff Assistant Award and comments from the Dean. Adobe connect will be available for this meeting for those at a distance and will be recorded for those of us who aren’t able to join at that time.

Discussion with the Dean
The majority of our meeting was dedicated to sharing questions/concerns that were generated through our outreach to the various units we represent. A list of the concerns and responses are uploaded separately. Please see: Staff Concerns with Responses Document

Committee Vacancy/New Roles
Tom Adams with Ecosystem Science & Management will be leaving the committee. Tom has taken on a new position here at PSU; congratulations, Tom.

Danielle Harter is moving into ESM. She will be their unit’s representative for now. We will revisit this in a few months as starting a new job can sometimes be overwhelming. We don’t want this committee to be an overburden to her or anyone else.

Danielle has found her replacement on this committee as well. The new representative from Vet & Bio will be Karen Scott. She will join at the November meeting.

Staff Advisory Committee to the Dean Website
Tara Homan will ask Mary Wodecki if she can add a name field (as optional) to the “Questions or Comments” page on our website. This will allow an individual the ability to have their question answered. You will still be able to submit an issue anonymously.

We need to be sure that the email address for that is directed to me. Prior to this meeting LaTrisha received an issue that was submitted.

Next SACD Meeting will be November 9 from 2-3 in 214 Ferguson Building.