November 9, 2016

Terra Ingram, Danielle Harter, Beth Tepsic, Jaimie Garrison, Kathy Pletcher, Tammy Heikes, Erica Kertis, Jamie Klaue, Tara Homan, Lauren Abersold, Matthew Fultz, & Carolyn Boring

March Meeting Date Change
Our March meeting with Dean Roush will be held on March 9th from 2—3:30pm.

Recap of Fall Staff Wide Meeting
Great job to Terra Ingram for a successful Staff Fall Meeting on October 28, 2016. There was approximately 50 in attendance and approximately 50 that tuned in online. The Terra conducted an online survey after the meeting.

            Survey Results Recap:

  • There were 63 people who completed the survey.
    • 46 attended or viewed the event 
      • 19 in person
      • 15 via Adobe Connect
      • 12 Watched the recording
    • Those that didn’t attend mostly (69%) weren’t able to fit it into their schedule. The other 30% were out of the office for various family events, work travel, or due to work deadline constraints. ** Attendance may have been effected partly because the meeting was scheduled for late on a Friday afternoon. For next year, we will work harder to make sure that this is held more mid-week in hopes of better attendance.
  • Almost 46% of respondents felt the speaker’s topic was valuable to their job, 8% thought it was very valuable to their job, 22% were neutral, 10% thought it was somewhat valuable, and 12% thought it wasn’t very valuable at all.
  • Other topics people would like to hear more about:
    • Professionalism in the workplace
    • Systems that we use to help us move forward with our jobs i.e. CollegeNet, LionPath, upcoming HR System, etc.
    • Working as a team (UP) and out in the trenches (Extension)
    • Communication and transparency within the College and units
    • Time management
    • Addressing low morale
    • New extension business model
    • Land grand mission/history
  • Other Speakers for future events
    • Dan Perkins (clearinghouse for military families)
    • Claudia Mincemoyer (Better Kid Care)
    • President Barron
    • Dian Brown-Professional Image and Networking
    • Frank Dardis-College of Communications
  • Other comments for the Staff Advisory Council
    • Address the white elephant in the room. There is a reason why there is such a high turnover of people, both faculty, staff and extension in this College. There is a reason why so many people took the early retirement. There is a reason why people are afraid to say anything for fear of being fired. The feeling is there is no point in saying anything b/c decisions have already been made and Ag Admin is going to do what it wants regardless. No one wants to hear how bad the implementation of Atlas, cVent, etc are to our programming and how it is making more work for us due to in-competencies.
    • The Staff Advisory Council should do more to recruit technical staff to serve. Administrative Assistants are over-represented on the Council. While they are very valuable members of the Penn State family, lab/ greenhouse/farm managers should also have a voice.
    • Why so many drastic changes for extension?

New Initiative of Gratitude
Terra Ingram has begun a new initiative of gratitude within the College of Agriculture. This idea was brought about because she wanted to boost employee morale. She gave each member of our committee a treat bag with candy and a lottery ticket, the goal is that the bag will be refilled and passed along to someone within their department. There is a note stating the goal attached to the bag.

To be sure that extension staff members are included as well, each of them will receive a note that will tell thank them for all they do throughout the year to help support Penn State Extension. Those notes will be from the Staff Advisory Committee.

Staff Retreat Discussion
A 2017 Staff Retreat has been approved by the Dean. The dates are still being finalized with the Dean’s office and the Ag Arena. The committee would like to get a speaker from the Office of Workplace Learning if this is approved; and follow the same tour options as last year.

Other Topics
Terra will speak with Erikka Runkle relative to a vacation day bank among the staff members.

Topic’s for December 7th meeting with the Dean
-Committee Budget
-Brown Bag Series

Next SACD Meeting will be December 7th, 2016 in 214 Ferguson Building from 2-3:00 pm.

**Please note that the Dean will be joining us at 2:00 for our meeting so please be prompt**

**Please note all meetings have been moved in to room 214 Ferguson**