March 16, 2016

Summary of the Committee's regular monthly meeting.

L. Abersold, C. Boring, A. Clark, M. Fultz, J. Garrison, W. Harter, T. Heikes, L. Hough, J. Klaue, A. Kocher, K. Pletcher

New Members
Reminded Ecosystem Science and Management, Food Science and Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences that their term is expiring in May and they need to start looking for there replacement.

Staff Retreat
The Dean asked that we not cancel the staff retreat to wait to see if we get a budget.  So, we have postponed everything until May.  That we will decide once and if we get a budget.

Staff Awards
Award nominations will be extend at this time we only have 1 nomination.  By extending it we are hoping to get applications.

Budget Update
The Dean spoke about the budget crisis and what he has been doing in Harrisburg to lobby for the College and University.  He felt that we would soon have a budget.

Next SACD Meeting will be April 20, 2106 in 324 ASI from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.