February 5, 2014

Summary of the Committee's regular monthly meeting.

2:00-3:00 p.m. – 331 Ag Admin. Bldg.
Summary Meeting Notes

Present:  Heike Betz, Colleen Bloom, Keith Diehl, Bruce Grinder, and Renee Kennedy

Absent:  Joyce Cingel, Angela Clark, Wendy Harter, Elizabeth Matthiesen, Renee Miller, Heather Read, Diane Yoder, (1 vacant position)

Review of Meeting Notes

Notes were previously distributed to all members from the January 8th meeting.  Not having any corrections or additions, Colleen will add them to the SACD website.  Due to the snow, there was no quorum for a vote.

Announcement of Newest SACD Member

Colleen announced that Erica Lutz, Human Resources Assistant, has been selected to replace Joyce Brungart (who retired in December) on the committee to fill out the remainder of the term.

Celebration of Excellence Program

The Dean’s office asked the SACD what their thoughts were on continuing the Celebration of Excellence and Achievement Program, and would the committee be willing to help coordinate the event.  After discussion, here is a summary of the committee's responses that were provided to the Dean’s Office:

  • The Celebration of Excellence and Achievement Program fails to achieve the purpose of recognizing staff achievements.  The committee felt that it was overwhelmingly an academic event for faculty, graduate students, and Extension associates (only 6 out of 124 awards last year were for staff).
  • The committee felt the event had little impact on staff, so it would not be our place to be involved in the organization of the event (maybe the FACD??).  Not really a staff program.
  • May consider assisting in the future, if the program would work toward making it more inclusive of staff.  Maybe the event could be something more of a social get-together to get the main event across, and not so formal.  Give one big speech to recognize all along with the booklet.
  • The committee suggested creating a nice website to showcase the winners by listing the awards and using pictures.  This will save time and money.

Colleen updated the committee saying that after checking with the Dean’s Office, this hasn’t been resolved yet, but it will likely not happen this year.  Dean Christ wants to discuss it with the unit leaders and also get input from the FACD before a decision is made.

Questions for Meeting with the Dean
The committee developed a list of questions to review with the Dean at the quarterly meeting on February 19.

  • Budget and strategic plan updates
  • Student enrollment numbers for FA14
  • Time wasters – request from Vice-Provost to departments
  • Time cards – wage employees only?
  • New HR director status
  • Ombudsperson for staff in college
  • SRDP process update

Staff Ombudsperson
The committee has been researching this to ensure that staff receive fair and equitable treatment within the college, and because there really are no other resources available to staff.   Other departments at Penn State were researched to see how this was handled, and information was distributed.

It was suggested that the committee contact the college faculty ombudsperson representatives to get their ideas.  After speaking with faculty who serve in this capacity, it was suggested that the staff elect someone from their peers in the college.  The committee will also discuss this with Dean Christ to get her ideas at the next quarterly meeting.

Update on SRDP Process
Colleen distributed the email from Vice Provost Nick Jones regarding the status of the Penn State’s Performance Management Program.  The committee discussed, and there is talk about changing the timeline for evaluations to have them closer to the GSI increase.  A summary of this email will be posted on the SACD website.

With no further discussion, the meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.  The next meeting will be on March 5, 2014.

Colleen Bloom
SACD Chair