December 9, 2015

Summary of the Committee's regular monthly meeting.


L. Abersold, J. Cingle, A. Clark, M. Fultz, J. Garrison, L. Hough, T. Ingram, J. Klaue, A. Maney, K. Pletcher

Award Liaison

Kelly Caviston has left the college for another position. As soon as her replacement is found, LaTrisha will share that name with the committee. This new person will serve as our contact person for the various staff college awards the SACD presents each year.

Committee Membership Updates

  • Jaimie Garrison has replaced John Radon for Group 2, Administrative Services, Grants & Contracts, eLearning, and Human Resources.
  • Kathy Pletcher has replaced Michelle Haagan for Group 4, Undergraduate Education, Graduate & Research Education, Dean's Office, Development, and International Programs.
  • Terra Ingram has replaced Jane Gardner/Renee Miller for Agricultural Economics, Sociology & Education.
  • Matthew Fultz is representing Group 1, Communications & Marketing, Information Technologies, Conferences & Short Courses, and Alumni.
  • Lauren Abersold has replaced Heather Reed for Plant Science.

Dean Roush

LaTrisha asked the Dean about and update about the proposed staff retreat. The Dean explained that he and the Department Heads had discussed the retreat being a whole day vs a half day event. The Dean's group feels a half day event would best suit the college and the individual units at this time. The SACD is suggesting an afternoon retreat. The event would begin with lunch at the Ag Arena and end the day with an awards reception at the Arboretum with ice cream and a survey to complete. Our college has a lot to offer that many who work here are not aware of. The committee would like to showcase what the college does vs. an actual professional development type event.

The Dean would like to see a mandatory professional development session, all who are registered for the retreat must attend, it could be a 1 hour session with important information or news that can be shared from Human Resources, the Research Office, or Administrative Services. The second or third session could be participant choice. This retreat will replace the regularly scheduled Spring college-wide staff meeting.

The target date is May 18th or 19th. The Dean has asked that the committee check with a few other college offices to make sure that no other college events are scheduled for this time. LaTrisha will follow up on this request.

The Dean asked how things are going in each unit.

The meeting concluded with a brief discussion about the Time Wasters document and the uncertainty of introducing Lion Path very soon.

Future Meetings

  • January 13, 2:00 PM, 324 ASI
  • February 10, 2:00 PM, 324 ASI
  • March 16, 2:00 PM, 324 ASI - Quarterly Committee Meeting with the Dean

Submitted by Amy J. Maney