December 7, 2016

Terra Ingram, Danielle Harter, Beth Tepsic, Jaimie Garrison, Kathy Pletcher, Jamie Klaue, Tara Homan, Lauren Abersold, Matthew Fultz, LaTrisha Hough, Karen Scott & Amy Maney

Comments from the Dean
Dean Rick Roush approved our “Brown Bag” lunch series idea. We will move forward with this initiative.

Relative to an office having to stay open over the lunch hour; this is not a current policy. This decision is determined at the department level.

He is also very much in favor with our Staff Retreat scheduled for May 25, 2017.

LionPath & iTwo Updates
Matthew Fultz has worked with Craig Story on this matter. Craig Story will be populating the listserves and then they will become active for these two groups to communicate.

IT updates for instrumentation in labs
Jamie Klaue is having a conference call regarding this matter. She will update the committee at our next meeting.

Staff Retreat Discussion
The date will be May 25, 2017. The committee will follow the same structure and many of the same tour options as last year. More details will follow. Terra will work on establishing a budget with the dean and the day’s activities will be divided into committees and various committee members will take charge of the different areas.

Next SACD Meeting will be January 11, 2017 in 214 Ferguson Building from 2-3:00 pm.