August 7, 2012

Summary of the committee's regular monthly meeting
Tuesday, August 7, 2012 • 1:00 p.m.
342 Food Science Building
Present: Keith Diehl, Kimberly Ripka, Scott Harkcom, Colleen Bloom, Bruce Grinder
Absent, with excuse: Glenn Myers, Tiffany Rainey
All other seats are currently open and awaiting departmental elections
The first meeting of the new year was spent discussing changes that need to be made to the committee charter to bring it up to date with the current college structure that was adopted for the reorganization that occurred this past year. The chair will write up the proposed amendment based on notes taken during the discussion and forward a copy to each member for their comments prior to submitting the proposed amendment to the dean for his approval. Adoption of this amendment by the committee cannot happen until all newly-elected representatives are seated. The committee does not have a quorum to cast votes.
The committee's discussion concerning nominations and elections formalized the proposed (updated) composition of the committee: one elected representative from each of the nine new departments and one elected representative from each of four groupings of the nonacademic units. This change will be included in the proposed charter amendment as well. The committee will, in the future, review this allotment of seats, specifically concerning the larger departments that resulted from old department mergers, to ensure these larger departments are represented sufficiently or if an increase in seat allotment is needed. 
The committee also reviewed the seat allotment for nonacademic unit representation and concluded that the large number of staff represented within these many and varied offices did not, in fact, have sufficient representation with the current three member allotment. It was proposed to increase the nonacademic unit seat allotment to four, with the total of the nonacademic units being divided into four groups and a representative elected from each.
Some preliminary discussion focused on the upcoming college-wide staff meeting in October, as well as our quarterly meeting with the Dean. The chair informed the committee that he had discussed the sound issue with IT and that we would be using a different set-up at the next college-wide staff meeting to ensure that those who listen in to the meeting via Adobe Breeze can hear all of the presentations. 
Discussion on these and other issues will be continued when the committee has a full membership at the September meeting.
Meeting was adjourned at 2:20 p.m.