Proposals developed through an external process and funded extramurally must be conducted under a properly approved Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) proposal.

This can be accomplished in three ways:

1. If the topic is encompassed by the objectives and procedures of an existing AES proposl, no additional project development is necessary. It is sufficient to identify the contact or grant with the existing proposal.

2. If the contract or grant is new work or requires a separate proposal (e.g., AID grants, USDA competitive and special grant, etc.), a new proposal must be created and established. The external grant process normally entails proposal approval and peer review. If this is the case, only the REEport initiation forms need to be completed and processed through the AES.

3. If the funded contract or grant requires a separate proposal and did not entail peer review (e.g., Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture grants, Animal Health and Diagnostic Commission grants, etc.), the normal review procedures should be completed before submitting the appropriate forms through REEport.