February Advising Corner

Posted: February 6, 2014

Learn more about Early Progress Reports (EPR) for Instructors and Advisers and how EPR works.

The Early Progress Report (EPR) system was designed to replace the paper-based “Mid-semester Report” system and is required for all first-year students in your classes. The College wants 100% compliance with this program so students don’t get the false sense that their grades are satisfactory because they did not receive an EPR!

How EPR Works:

The EPR has three groups of participants: faculty, students and advisers.  Each one has an important part to play.


Role:    Provide feedback to students on their performance as early in the semester as possible.


  • Instructors with first-year students receive an email the 1st day of the 3rd week of the semester.
  • Instructors log on to eLion, select “Early Progress Report” from the left menu and follow the instructions to indicate which students are not performing in a satisfactory manner.   
  • A reminder email will be sent on the 1st day of the 5th week of the semester reminding instructors they need to complete the report.  Instructors must enter the report through eLion.


Role:    Review EPR and take any necessary actions based on the information it provides. The report will be available through the seventh week of classes.


  • Students will receive an email when an instructor indicates he or she is not performing well in a course.
  • Students log on to eLion, select “Early Progress Report” from the left menu and receive all the reports submitted by instructors.
  • Students should review the information, access resources referenced in the report, and meet with the instructor or his or her adviser as necessary.


Role:    Review reports on advisees and help them seek the resources they need to be successful. The reports will be available for the duration of the semester.


  • Advisers will receive an email when an instructor indicates that one of his or her advisees is not performing well.  Advisers may use eLion to turn off this notification.
  • Advisers log on to eLion, select “Early Progress Report” from the left menu, select a student from their advisee list or by entering the student’s PSU ID or user id, and review the reports.

Just follow the instructions you receive in an email from the Registrar’s Office to complete your EPR’s through eLion between January 27 and February 21.