Where will you go?

How long?


  • Fall break, with the course being taught during the fall semester.
  • Winter break, with the course being taught in either the fall or spring semester.
  • Spring break, with the course being taught in spring semester
  • End of spring break, with the course being taught in spring semester
  • Summer, with the course being taught in spring semester

Will a Visa be needed? http://www.traveldocs.com/index.htm

Information for getting a passport: http://travel.state.gov/passport/get/first/first_830.html

Do you have any contacts in the country that can help arrange the itinerary/logistics of the tour?

How will you promote this opportunity?

(Fliers, Program Coordinators, Other colleges at PSU, Other PSU campuses)

What course will the tour be associated with?

What is the objective of the study tour and why is it an important part of the course?

How can applicable instructional strategies be included that leverage the embedded international travel component of these courses to optimize academic learning and the development of global citizenship? Check out the Embedded Study Abroad Faculty Toolkit, housed on the University of Kentucky website.

How many credits will the students receive for the course?

Will separate credits be issued for the travel portion of the course?

If it is part of a course, how will it be handled if a student is unable to participate in the study tour option?

What will the pre-tour requirements of the students be?

Will you create a web site or Angel site for pre-trip planning, orientation, trip documentation?

A Website or Angel site can be used for pre-trip orientation, posting downloadable pre-trip research and/or announcements or posting downloadable forms. A website or Angel site also can serve as documentation for the course/embedded study abroad program.

While on the tour, what will the students be learning?

Will there be any after tour requirements?

Web site?

Paper or a powerpoint presentation?

Summary Report/Presentation?

Set up a sample budget--be sure to incorporate the following:

  • Air flight
  • Transportation cost to airport?
  • In country, on ground transportation
  • Short Term Education Abroad Insurance
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Entrance fees/exit taxes
  • Entrance fees to museums, etc.
  • Possible program fee with funds going to host institution OR off-setting cost of faculty leader

Funding Resources: Discuss these issues with Ketja Lingenfelter, ketja@psu.edu, 863-4164

Student Financial Aid--COAS study abroad awards, EA Commonwealth Award. Discuss these issues with Ketja Lingenfelter, ketja@psu.edu, 863-4164

Will the group do any fundraising to offset the costs?

Have you pursued other avenues of support: Your department? Industry? Grants?

Required Paperwork

  • Memorandum of Understanding for Students Participating in International Programs
  • Conduct Standards Agreement
  • Emergency Contact and Health/Welfare Form

Pre-trip Orientation:

    • US Department of State: Welcome to the Registration Home Page
    • TSA's Travel Tips
    • U.S. Legal Drinking Age versus the legal drinking age in other countries
    • Cultural/political/economical/ecological or agricultural issues
    • List of Items to take
    • Behavior in a different culture
    • Travel tips
    • How to get the most out of the experience
    • How to keep a travel journal: Tips for writing while on the road
    • Practical Advice for Americans Traveling Abroad
    • Important and Helpful Websites When Traveling In ________?

Will you create a t-shirt for students who participate?