Instructions for ordering SecurID tokens for use with AIS systems including LionPATH.

Second Factor Authentication Tokens can be purchased at Penn State's Software site.

AIS mandates the use of a Second Factor Authentication Token to gain access to centralized administrative systems involving mainframe access, such as IBIS, ISIS, ROSCOE, TESTAIS, eISIS, eCommerce, CIDR, and LionPATH. In some cases, Data Stewards may require that a Second Factor Authentication Token be used for accessing their specific data elements regardless of read or update access. Since AIS provides access to essential administrative data, using a Second Factor Authentication Token ensures the integrity of the data and the identity of the user.

The AIS Support Center handles the assignment of Second Factor Authentication Tokens to users. Send an email to with the assignee's name, user ID, PSU ID, and the token's serial number, or call the Support Center at 814-863-2276.

The Second Factor Authentication Token is part of a two-level authentication process:

• The first level is the verification of the user ID and password.

• The second level is inputting the six-digit number that is generated by pressing the button on the left side.

• Verify that your "NumLock" key is on. You are allowed to enter five consecutive incorrect numbers before the token will be locked. Much like a password, if the number on the token is entered incorrectly into a system, access will be denied.

• The IP address of the machine you are using must be in the AIS IP filter for unencrypted access.

In the event that a Second Factor Authentication Token begins to malfunction, fill out an RMA form to request a return.

If you are transferring within the University or leaving the University, then the Second Factor Authentication Token should be returned to your ASR or to the person who issued the token to you. The token may be reassigned to another person in the same area. Because the funds used to purchase the token came from a specific department, it must remain in that area. A token may only be assigned to one person at a time.

Tokens are recyclable through Penn State salvage/e-cycling vendor. Email Al Matyasovksy at for pick up.


Please note that the process of requesting access to IBIS, ISIS or other systems has not changed. You MUST contact the College's Access and Security Representative - Craig Story ( to request appropriate forms.