Instructions for obtaining access to AIS systems such as the Data Warehouse, IBIS and ISIS.

  1. Contact the Access and Security Representative (ASR) for the College of Agricultural Sciences (Craig Story).
  2. Your need for access will be determined and a Systems Access form will be completed and sent to your department for appropriate signatures.
  3. Potential users of AIS should review and understand the following Administrative Policies prior to signing the form.
  • The form should be returned to Craig Story, 220 Ag Admin Bldg for further processing. You will be notified when access has been authorized by the security office.
  • How long will it take? That depends on the level of access requested. You should allow at least two weeks for processing once the form has been sent to the security office.
  • A securID token is required to complete your access. Tokens can be ordered online via Penn State's eBuy Web site (, or directly on the Computer Store site ( using a purchasing card.
  • Questions regarding access can be directed to Craig Story (