eBuy is Penn State's online marketplace where faculty and staff can purchase everything from office and scientific supplies to furniture and equipment. Ordering can be done quickly online with minimal paperwork and is tied directly to your PSU budget and fund.

We anticipate that most Extension Offices will prefer to purchase general supplies and equipment from local vendors. However, there may be certain situations where purchasing from eBuy would be advantageous such as Penn State's special pricing for bulk items, Dell computers or hard-to-find equipment.

Suppliers include Apple Computer, B&H Photo, CDW-G, Dell, Grainger, Lenovo, OfficeMax as well as PSU General Stores.

LINK: ebuy.psu.edu

The eBuy website at Penn State.

eBuy Instructions

PDF document, 3.2 MB

A PDF document with instructions and screenshots for making purchases from the eBuy website.