Credit Card Payments

Offsite credit card payments

If the brochure lists that we will accept credit card payment, but an Educator is uncomfortable collecting the credit card info on-site to bring back to the office to process, are we allowed to have a policy that we will accept only cash or checks from walk-ins, or, once we have offered to take credit cards, must we have forms available for the Educator to use to collect credit information from walk-ins?

The credit card payment option should be applied across the board. The collection of data elements needed to process the credit card payment can be easily accomplished through the use of a simple form that the walk-in customer could complete and we would verify.

The form should collect card holder contact information to include first and last name, address, telephone, and e-mail address that is used to forward the payment receipt. The form should collect payment information to include card type (VISA or MC), card number and expiration date. The final data element to collect is the card holder's signature. We should compare signatures on the card with the completed form. If the card holder chooses not to sign the back of their card we need to request a second form of identification such as a photo driver's license.

Payments without signatures

If a person calls up to register on or after the deadline and offers credit card info over the phone, MUST we take this, or can we refuse to take credit information for which we can not collect a signature? In other words, is the only way we should be taking credit information that a person return it in writing on the registration form?

University regulations discourage telephone sales and we have included this caution statement within the guidelines for county credit receipts to alert offices of the importance to obtain the card holders written authorization when at all possible. Other college sales operations such as the Publications Distribution Center accept telephone sales and have not experienced any substantial issues or losses. Collection of complete card holder contact information over the telephone to include name, address, telephone, and e-mail, as well as running all transactions through e-Pay prior to delivering the product or service further limits exposure.

Payments at other Extension offices

(Hypothetical example) If Adams County is the stated county to collect registrations for a Pre-Teen Retreat, but the pre-teen's parent walks in with a credit card at Lebanon to pay for this registration, and we take the card information, who processes the card? If Lebanon processes the card, the payment will flow back to Lebanon; do we then have to write a check to Adams to cover this when the payment (minus the $1 to cover administrative fees), or do we email information to Adams so that they can process the card information? (Lebanon County processing the card seems more secure handling of the information, but it also creates an extra layer of work to remit this fee to the office keeping registrations - Adams).

In the event a county collects a credit card receipt for another county assigned to coordinate registration for a program, be sure the county's name that is handling the registration is posted to the PRODUCT FIELD and that you forward to that county an e-mail receipt copy of the credit card payment. This will help ensure income and fees are directed to the appropriate county and the customer is added to the program roster.

Administrative Fees

4-H Materials Charges

Can we continue to keep the 4-H materials charge at $10, and treat it like soil test kits and for-sale publications on hand (i.e., the other fees collected by adding $1 administrative for events will create dollars in the PSCE Program Sub-account that will pay for this cost, so that the 4-H Development Fund gets the $10 free and clear) or should we deduct the fees from the $10 and remit to the Development Fund approximately $9.80 when the transfer of all credit payments occur?

The acceptance of credit cards as an additional payment option will not impact the 4-H educational materials fee structure. We will continue to charge, receipt and remit to the state office each fall, $10 per eligible 4-H member. The 2% plus .25 cents administrative processing fee is specific to "fee-based" educational programs and activities. It does not apply to material and product sales such as publications and soil testing kits.

Technical Questions

VPN Problems

Yesterday and today when I started up my computer I thought it would be a good practice to connect to e-commerce as part of my regular start-up procedure in the morning - that way if I needed it during the day it would be up and ready to go. The VPN connection does not stay for the entire day - after a few hours the connection is terminated. Does this happen because it has not been used and is sitting idle, or is there a problem with the connection? The other clerical staff have also encountered the same problem.

After a period of inactivity you are "timed-out". This is both for security purposes and to efficiently utilize the limited connection sockets shared by e-pay users.

Credit Card Swipe Machine

We would like to purchase a Credit Card Swipe machine. Where should I obtain that from?

You can order these directly from the Office of Administrative Information Systems. See page 12 of your e-Pay users manual for order information.