College of Agricultural Sciences Instructions

College of Agricultural Sciences instructions and deadlines for completing the Sabbatical Leave application

Faculty/Staff Member

  • Sabbatical leave applications for the period Fall Semester 2018 through Spring 2019 are due to unit leaders no later than Wednesday, August 23, 2017.
  • All applications for sabbatical leave must be on the Application for Leave of Absence with Pay (Sabbatical) form dated OHR 8/13/07 and be typewritten. The application can be downloaded from
  • The University’s document, Preparing Sabbatical Leave Applications: A Guide for Faculty is available on line at
  • Attach a curriculum vita or biographical data form (dated 4/21/06) sheet including a complete publication list and a list of professional activities and accomplishments.
  • Indicate clearly the purpose, justification, work to be accomplished and the anticipate outcome(s) of the leave.
  • Include letters of invitation or support from relevant institutions (if applicable).
  • Please review for grammatical and typographical errors. Mistakes will not be corrected at the deans level.
  • Please indicate that you have informed your undergraduate advisees that you will be gone on leave and who to contact if your absence.
  • Please indicate how your graduate advisees will be supervised.
  • Please indicate how your teaching and/or extension efforts will be covered.
  • Faculty members who have opted for the 36-week salary plan should pay particular attention to Appendix 8 and the College Work Schedule Guidelines for 36-Week Faculty Planning Sabbatical Leave.
  • Note: Sabbatical may only be charged to a sponsored award in unusual circumstances and approval is required from the Corporate Controller's Office and the funding agency. RA64 – Salary Caps (Formerly RA08)

Unit Leader

  • Review eligibility of candidate and purpose, justification, work to be accomplished and the anticipated outcome(s) of the leave.
  • Complete and sign the Recommendation and Comments of Department Head section on the Application for Leave of Absence with Pay (Sabbatical).
  • Attach a statement of your assessment of the proposed project and the projected benefits to the applicant and the University.
  • Also address how any teaching assignments will be covered during the sabbatical leave.
  • Ensure candidate has informed advisees of the pending sabbatical.
  • Salary savings, which may be generated by sabbatical leaves, have not been returned to the units. Only in extreme and exceptional cases, where units cannot manage gaps in delivering resident education courses or extension programs, will requests for salary savings be considered. Requests for salary savings by a unit leader must accompany the sabbatical leave application.
  • The original plus 8 copies are due in the Dean’s Office, 201 Ag Administration Building, no later than 12:00 p.m. Noon on September 8, 2017.
  • Place the sabbatical request in the following order. Do not staple.
    1. Application
    2. Unit Leader letter of support
    3. Applicant’s statement of sabbatical purpose
    4. Letters of invitation or support from relevant institutions
    5. A curriculum vita or biographical data sheet
    6. List of publications and professional activities list

Last updated: September 5, 2017