Guidelines for 36-Week Faculty

College Work Schedule Guidelines for 36-Week Faculty Planning Sabbatical Leave
  • Faculty on 36-week appointments who are planning a sabbatical leave of absence with pay should discuss work schedule options with Roger Martell (865-6629) or Brian Maurersberg (865-6645) prior to application submission. This is to ensure that salary computations are handled properly and that there are no disruptions in the faculty mem
  • Faculty on 36-week appointments should arrange their work schedules to be consistent with their sabbatical leave time period. Faculty will want to arrange their work schedule so that they are wholly "on-contract" during their sabbatical period.
  • It is not advantageous to schedule any of the "off-contract" time available (12 weeks) to 36-week faculty during the sabbatical period, unless the faculty member intends to supplement his/her salary while on sabbatical leave.

Please see University Guidelines HRG15: Regulations Regarding Use of Support Funds and Receiving Outside Compensation During Sabbatical Leaves of Absence Penn State Human Resources.