Timetable for 2017/2018 Tenure Track Faculty Promotion and Tenure

On or Before

September 15

Unit leaders submit names of your unit’s P&T committee members (including rank/title and method of selection) and a copy of your unit P&T procedures document to Lori Smith (201 Ag Administration Building).  Minimum changes were made to the 2017/2018 Administrative Guidelines for HR-23, please make changes as appropriate to your unit P&T procedures. Also, remember that faculty cannot serve on both the unit and the College P&T Committees.

October 19

University-wide P & T Workshop Presentation

November 1

Unit leaders and/or administrative staff support submit one copy of dossier(s) for preliminary review to Lori Smith.

November 15

Unit leaders submit dossiers (eight copies and one original) for promotion and tenure (6th yr) to Lori Smith. This includes promotions to associate professor and professor, senior research associate, or senior scientist for faculty on standing appointments; sixth-year or early tenure recommendations.

January 2

Unit leaders submit recommendations (eight copies and one original) on promotion to instructor, senior lecturer, senior instructor, senior research assistant, research associate, senior research associate, or assistant professor on standing appointments along with recommendations for faculty on fixed-term appointments for July 1 promotions to Lori Smith.

February 15

All factual changes must be made to the dossiers by February 15th. If a factual change is made after the review process has begun, it will need to be reviewed again at each committee level.

March 31

Unit leaders submit provisional 2nd year and 4th year interim dossiers (eight copies and one original) to Dean’s Office, 201 Ag Administration Building.

Questions: Contact Lori Smith at

las: 7/3/17 Revised