Review Procedures

The academic units shall present their candidates’ credentials for promotion and tenure to the Dean 90 days prior to the date the materials are due in the Office of Human Resources.  The Dean shall inform all faculty in writing immediately after learning this date from the Executive Vice President and Provost.

The College Promotion and Tenure Review Committee and the Dean are charged with the responsibility to adhere to the most recent University Promotion and Tenure Procedures and Regulations (AC-23) and the most recent Administrative Guidelines for AC-23.  In addition, the Committee and the Dean will use the criteria specific for the College in arriving at their independent decisions.  The Committee’s recommendations will be presented to the Dean.

University Administrative guidelines for AC-23 includes several aspects of consultation in the review process.  One of those key aspects is below: 

“When an administrator differs with the committee at the same level of review -- e.g., the department head and the department committee--or a committee differs with the administrator at the previous review level--e.g., the college committee and the department head-- consultation must occur about reasons for divergence.  Consultation should be initiated by the committee or administrator differing with or seeking clarification concerning the previous recommendation (e.g., a department head would initiate consultation with the departmental review committee and the dean with the college committee; the college committee would initiate consultation with the department head; and the University Promotion and Tenure Review Committee with the dean).  Consultation should be initiated after the previous review has been completed and a recommendation has been made in writing.”

Positive recommendations by the Dean for promotion and/or for the granting of tenure shall be forwarded to the Executive Vice President and Provost through the Office of Human Resources for transmittal to the University Promotion and Tenure Committee by the announced date. 

In a case where the Dean has a negative recommendation the dossier will go forward to Executive Vice President and Provost if all other administrative and committee letters in the review process are positive. 

At the same time, a summary of the general processes followed in the reviews shall be forwarded, as specified in the policy, along with the number of recommendations reviewed, and the appropriate supporting information regarding significant instances of differences in judgment.

Negative promotion decisions will be sent to the representative head of the academic unit.  If the decision is made not to award tenure, the Dean shall notify the faculty member accordingly in writing.