HR Information for Faculty

Promotion and Tenure

University and college level promotion and tenure policies and provisions

Promotion and tenure university level rules and regulations

Extended Reviews

The extended review process is intended to help faculty members maintain scholarship in teaching, research, and outreach throughout their careers.
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College of Agricultural Sciences Faculty Extended Review Policy


Appendix 8 - Percentage of Salary Received While on Paid Sabbatical

HR Guideline 15 - Regulations Regarding Use of Support Funds and Receiving Outside Compensation During Sabbatical Leave of Absence

Salary Contracts

Terms and conditions for making standing appointment offers to, and contracting the services of, individuals classified as academic or academic administrator.

Salary plan, supplemental request forms, contract and work schedule

Appointment Guidelines

Adjunct Faculty Appointment Guidelines. College of Ag Sciences.

Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property Agreement Form

The University has an established patent policy to University, and the public-at-large may share the benefits which flow from innovative activity. In order that the University patent policy, and a booklet, Intellectual Property Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurial Activity Policies and Procedures, are available upon request from administrative officers. Any problems in this area, such as consulting agreement or partially completed inventions, should be discussed with the Intellectual Property Office.

Other Faculty Information

The University is committed to helping faculty balance the often conflicting demands of acclimating newly born or adopted children into the family with professional responsibilities.

Hiring Tenure Track Faculty

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If the department is underrepresented for women and/or minorities, this form must be completed and returned to Human Resources and the Affirmative Action Office prior to proceeding with interviews.

Hiring Non-tenure Track Faculty

Hiring Procedures for Postdoctoral Appointments

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Benefits: Post-Doctoral Scholar/Fellow New Employee Tutorial - How to Select Benefits in ESSIC