The Staff Advisory Committee to the Dean is comprised of college staff members elected from with each college unit. Members are also elected from four non-academic groups that represent all areas of the College. The Dean may appoint others to maintain diversity or for specific expertise that may be provided to the committee. The Committee strives to preserve diversity, remain gender-balanced, and include members from various professional backgrounds.

Activities and achievements

  • Provides staff an opportunity to openly discuss issues with the Dean
  • Facilitates the spring and fall college-wide staff meetings to include speakers on topics of interest
  • Recommended that a Staff Orientation Program be provided for college employees
  • Developed Staff Request for Job Review form (PIQ tracking process) that staff members submit to the Office of Human Resources at the same time they submit a Position Information Questionnaire form to their supervisor
  • Prepared a comprehensive report on issues faced by fixed-term staff
  • Recommended the implementation of the Dean's Staff Laureate Awards Program
  • Instrumental in the development, process, and presentation of the annual Ella Reagle Staff Assistant Award
  • Serves as a model for other staff advisory committees at Penn State
  • Actively involved in the search for a new Dean, participates in meetings, and meets with the candidates
10 years of SACD (2007)

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