Present: Amy Corbett (recorder), Kaylee Harter, De Kuhns, Trish Shaw (for Brian MacAfee), Amy Miller, Sherri Taylor, Maureen Stathes, Tina Westley, Christina Wagner, Marianne Stevens

Regrets: Beth Tepsic, Susan Rudy, Kira Rigg, Laura Orben (available but unable to connect due to
technical difficulties), Emily Morrison

  • Marianne Stevens opened the meeting with introductions of anyone that wasn’t at the August meeting.
  • Marianne asked the group if there were any topics they would like to discuss with the Dean at our October meeting.
     - There were no suggestions at the time.
     - Marianne proposed that we start the meeting a half hour later if there is little to discuss before the Dean’s arrival.
  • Marianne received two anonymous emails sent through the COAS staff portal and read through them with the committee.
     - Topics were: no established career pathways for staff who seek promotions/higher paid positions AND different standards for
    faculty and staff regarding ethics training requirements.
     - Because the emails are sent anonymously, there is no way for Marianne to respond.
     - The committee felt that the Dean or HR would be the best option for getting answers.
  • Marianne handed out cards with the COAS staff portal URL information that can be provided to staff members in each department.
  • The COAS Staff Meeting will be held on November 6, 2019 from 2pm-4pm.
     - The request for the Business Building was denied, so the meeting will be held in 312 Ag Engineering Building (AGE).
     - The way the room is arranged now, it can only seat up to 40. Marianne asked that all SACD members arrive at 1:30pm to assist with taking down tables and setting up chairs. This will allow up to 60 occupants.
     - Marianne made a request for IT to be present at the meeting but asked if someone else could also make a request.
     - Presenters will be Dean Roush, Brent Hales and a PSU Health Advocate trainer who will speak about stress management.
     - Since the ice cream is always so hard to scoop, it was suggested that we approach the Dean about getting individual cups with an array of flavors. This would also eliminate the issue of leftovers