Present: Tina Westley, Beth Tepsic, Amy Corbett (recorder), Susan Rudy, Christina Wagner, De Kuhns, Kira Rigg, Laura Orben (via phone), Marianne Stevens

Regrets: Amy Miller, Sherri Taylor, Kaylee Harter, Maureen Stathes, Brian MacAfee, Emily Morrison

  • Chairperson, Marianne Stevens, opened the meeting and asked everyone to introduce themselves.
  • A request was made by Marianne for someone on the committee to assist with taking meeting minutes. Amy Corbett volunteered.
  • Marianne asked for everyone’s input and preference on where the SACD meetings should be held – 118 ASI or 101 Ferguson.
     - None of members at the meeting had a preference on either room.
     - Marianne will send an email to the committee listserv asking for input and will make a decision before the September meeting.
     - If meetings will be held in 101 Ferguson, Marianne will make sure the phone system is in good working order for those that connect by zoom.
  • Marianne asked that all new SACD members send an email to their staff listserv to introduce themselves as the department representative and encourage them to bring any issues to their attention so that they can be discussed with the Dean. She will send the link to the anonymous feedback site so that they can submit information anonymously if uncomfortable talking to their representative.
  • The COAS Staff Meeting will be held on November 6, 2019.
     - There are two options for location – 252 FDS with a capacity of 40 people or 217 Business Building with a capacity of 90 people.
     - Beth Tepsic believes there were around 50 people in attendance at last year’s meeting.
     - If 217 Business Building is selected, there will be a small fee for rearranging the space. Marianne and Beth will visit 217 Business to see if re-arranging would be necessary.
     - The group was asked for speaker suggestions.
       o Beth suggested we ask the Dean to see if there are any issues or announcements within the college that might spark interest in a speaker for that subject.
       o Other suggestions were: Brent Hales, the new Extension Associate Dean, who starts on September 3, a SIMBA representative or a representative from the Health Advocate Program.
     - Marianne will submit a ticket for an IT person to be present at the meeting in case there are any technical difficulties with the presentation.
  • Marianne asked if anyone had suggestions for new projects that the committee could take on this year.
     - Beth mentioned that the Dean gave his approval on changing the Administrative Professionals cookie delivery to a Staff Appreciation Day.
     - A suggestion was made for a monthly brownbag lunch where there was no set agenda – everyone could talk freely about concerns or issues or just share general knowledge.
     - A suggestion was made for the creation of an informal/informational network where seasoned staff could offer ideas and support to staff members that are new to their positions.
  • Marianne asked if anyone was interested in becoming the chair elect.
     - No one at the meeting volunteered.
     - Marianne will send an email asking for interested candidates