Terra Ingram, Beth Tepsic, Jaimie Garrison, Kathy Pletcher (with replacement Emily Morrison), Jamie Klaue (replacement will be Brian MacAfee), Tara Homan, Lauren Abersold, Matthew Fultz, Amy Maney (with replacement Amy Miller), Beth Tepsic, Marianne Stevens, Karen Scott, LaTrisha Hough

You@PSU Complaint
An issue was presented to the anonymous form on our website questioning HRs wording on why the employee is the one who is "punished" for not completing the You@PSU end of year review when it's the supervisor who is responsible for setting the meetings. The statement in question was "The system is scheduled to close at the end of May. Please note that failure to complete the entire process could result in the employee being ineligible for a General Salary Increase (GSI) if one is announced for the 2016/2017 performance year."

This issue was forwarded to the Dean and HR for a response. While it is believed that no employee has ever been penalized for the inactions of a supervisor, HR has had conversations with a few supervisors to address this issue. HR indicated that they used the wording provided to them from Central HR and the President's Office. HR also wanted to remind the staff that most Colleges do not send out individual reminders but they do so because they don't want anyone in the College to appear on the University listing indicating they hadn't completed the work.

Also, as a reminder, this system will be different moving forward but if you have questions then you are encouraged to reach out to HR directly.

Staff Retreat Discussion
The Staff retreat held on May 25th was a huge success. There were conversations about what went well and what changes we can make for next year. There will be a more comprehensive discussion once the survey results are tabulated, but overall they appear to be positive. A few notes for next year:

  • Speaker Suggestions: Jim Shortle & Matt Royer
  • Have each department head (9 in the College) "showcase" a unit or group of their choice from their department.
  • The committee should wear a specific color or have different name tags so they can more easily be identified.
  • We need more time for the Ice Cream Social; 30 minutes is not enough time to get 150ish people through the line.
    • Note: vanilla ice cream did not go over great. Perhaps ask for something with a vanilla base.
  • Potentially set up tables near the ice cream cooler for folks to have space to fill out evaluation forms.
  • Pre-scoop ice cream so less of a line forms.
  • Need tablecloths/tape/scissors for ag arena.
  • See if we can add the Barns back to the tour list.

Succession Planning
The committee recognized the Chair, Terra Ingram and thanked her for her hard work and guidance. Terra was a dedicated Chair and she consistently spent her own funds and time outside of work for the good of our committee.

Lauren Abersold will become out new Committee Chair with Beth Tepsic as the Co-Chair. Tara Homan will remain as the Secretary.

Matthew will change the fillable request form on the website to be directed to Lauren and will add the new members to the committee to the list serv.

Next SACD Meeting will be determined by new Chair, Lauren Abersold

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