Terra Ingram, Beth Tepsic, Jaimie Garrison, Kathy Pletcher, Tara Homan, Lauren Abersold, Matthew Fultz, LaTrisha Hough, Erica Kertis

Faculty Staff Visit
The Faculty Senate is conducting it's tri-annual visit to the College; this year they've asked for a meeting with the Staff in the College. This meeting will take place on February 17th in 118 ASI with Jim Strauss, Senate Chair; Matthew Woessner, Chair Elect; and Ann Taylor, Secretary. Additional meetings will be held with Students, Faculty, and the College Administration. Terra has asked each SACD committee member to reach out to their respective departments to ask if anyone has any topics they would like addressed. This feedback is due to Terra no later than February 3rd.

LionPath & iTwo Updates
Matthew Fultz will work with Craig Story on this matter. Craig Story will be populating the listserves and then they will become active for these two groups to communicate.

IT updates for instrumentation in labs
Jamie Klaue is having a conference call regarding this matter. She will update the committee at our next meeting.

Staff Retreat Discussion
The date will be May 25, 2017. The committee will follow the same structure and many of the same tour options as last year. More details will follow.

Next SACD Meeting will be February 8, 2017 in 214 Ferguson Building from 2:30-3:30